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Barndale Boarding Cattery

Boarding Cattery

Going on holiday? Have peace of mind when booking your cat into our boarding cattery that they will be well taken care of and will enjoy their stay.

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Barndale Boarding Cattery

Horse Grazing

Bring your horse to our horse boarding farm to enjoy a number of features, including an arena for dressage or jumps, forestry tracks for trekking and tack shed.

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Barndale Boarding Cattery

Animal Transportation

Moving overseas or across the country? Take the stress out of worrying for your pets with animal transportation services from the team at Barndale.

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Welcome to Barndale

Our names are Janet and Colin Christophersen and together we own and manage Barndale - a pet hotel based in Warkworth.

Barndale Boarding Cattery

First and foremost, the well being of your pets are our first priority and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your animals are happy and healthy during their stay.

We provide a variety of animals with a relaxing and playful environment whether you are looking for a boarding cattery or horse sitting.

If you have any questions about our pet boarding services or would like to book in your pet please Contact Us.

A lifetime of experience with animals

We have always been huge animal lovers and have had a number of different pets throughout our lives.

It was a dream come true when we were able to start our own animal boarding business in 1992, first looking after horses, followed a couple of years later by cats.

You can trust that it is our number one priority to make your animals feel comfortable and relaxed in our pet hotel.

All animals are treated as individuals, and are allowed to settle in at their own pace, so that their stay is an entirely stress free one.

Catering to all of your animal’s needs

We will ensure all your pet’s needs are catered for.

From administering medication to feeding your beloved pet a special diet, their needs will always be taken care of.

Never been to Barndale before? Feel free to come visit our pet hotel! Just get in touch to make an appointment.

Our pet hotel is open 365 days a year

We understand that dealing with catteries with narrow hours of operation can be difficult especially if you are leaving or arriving early or late in the day.

That is why our pet hotel is open 365 days of the year. Unlike other pet boarding facilities, we offer extremely flexible hours (by appointment only), so that you can pick up or drop off your pet when it suits you. We also offer a pickup/drop off service for your convenience.